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Museum of my (ugly) DIY NiMh vapes:

I'm not responsible for any health issues or electrical hazards!

I've built three electronic cigarettes the past few years, because I wanted to use NiMh-batteries instead of Li-Ion.

The first one was made out of a 4x-AA-Powerbank-case. I didn't use a MOSFET, the little push-button took all the current:

1st diy vape
Pretty ugly but it worked :)

The 2nd one had a custom made wooden case, and the back-cover was held using magnets, again no MOSFET inside:

2nd diy vape
Nice look, but the whole thing was far too big. Also the glue failed sometimes in keeping it together :)

The 3rd version got a smaller, metal case, smaller AAA-batteries, MOSFET, a better 510 socket, and magnets in resin for the backcover:

3rd vape 1
Worked well most of the time for almost two years.
After a while part after part had loose connections.

And this was the end, I've found and bought a commercial vape, which runs fine out of two AA-NiMh-batteries :)

My schematic:

diy vape schematic
The toggle switch is for safety. Green LED shows: "coil detected", blue LED: "coil active".

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